Beautology Services

Do you feel like the manufacturer is charging you too much for the supply of maintenance and consumables for your laser?  We appreciate the investment you made whilst purchasing your equipment. You can be safe in the knowledge that your laser is being looked after by industry experts with many years of experience.

Beautology can provide a cost effective service solution in the support of your equipment and potentially save you thousands in unnecesary costs over the lifetime of your system. Why not give us a call and see how much money you could save.

We support  systems manufactured by many of the worlds leading brands including.

  • Cynosure ®
  • Candela ®
  • Alma ®
  • Lumenis ®
  • Lutronic®
  • Quanta ®
  • Erchonia
  • Asclepion
  • Bios
  • Ellipse ®
  • AMI
  • Sonic Medical
  • Forma TK
  • Wontech

We also offer service support, parts and consumables for other major laser manufacturers. Please contact us if you would like more information on services or products offered.

Our Specialization


    Unplanned breakdowns can be costly and very disruptive to your scheduling. A planned service can help eliminate many of these unnecessary costs. We also offer a range of service packages that can be tailored to your individual requirements. You can have peace of mind knowing Beautology are fully supporting you and your business at all times.


    Occasionally systems do fail and a breakdown occurs. Beautology has engineers strategically located in the UK. We have invested large sums of money into our stock to ensure we can try and meet our client’s needs. We endeavor to support you and your system in the most cost effective manner with minimal downtime to your business.


    If you require remote assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Often, we can carry out an accurate assessment over the phone and in some cases, we may be able to keep you operational potentially saving you time and costs associated with revenue loss and a repair. The bare minimum is we will have an understanding of what your problem is and can plan accordingly prior to your visit.


    Beautology offers a range of spares including flashlamps, optics and consumables for many laser and IPL systems. Ensuring your exposed optics are clean and damage free will help lower running costs for your business. Please see our shop for more details.


    A used system is a cost-effective alternative to buying from new. You could save thousands of pounds by purchasing a fully commissioned used system.  All our systems are thoroughly checked and rigorously tested prior to delivery. Please contact us with your requirements and we shall be happy to assist you making the correct decision for your clinic.

The Importance Of Servicing.

If your laser/IPL system is not serviced regularly, your system is more likely to break down at an inconvenient time. Not being serviced regularly can also effect the efficacy of the system. This in turn means that your treatments will not be as effective and potentially affecting the end result for your patients. It makes sense to keep your system serviced regularly to help prevent unnecessary breakdowns and keep your system output stable.

To ensure the Safety and Performance of your Laser and IPL Equipment, most manufacturers recommend that your equipment should be serviced twice a year. Beautology Laser Servicing can help you to comply with legislation, check that your machine is properly calibrated and fully serviced to ensure that you deliver safe treatments for your clients and help your equipment to last longer with our “Preventative Maintenance” full service check-list.

Most brands of laser and IPL can be serviced and a preventative service, maintenance and repair standing orders are available.

Laser & IPL Repair

To ensure the Safety and Performance of your Laser and IPL Equipment, most manufacturers recommend that your laser equipment should be serviced twice a year.  Our aim is to have your equipment running as efficiently as possible.

Beautology can help you keep your equipment maintained to the highest standards with the minimum of downtime for your business.

We realise that every customer’s needs are different. Beautology offers a range of service agreements that can be tailored to suit your clinic’s individual requirements

Beautology independently provides maintenance, repairs and servicing of systems from many of the world leading manufacturers including:

  • Cynosure ®
  • Candela ®
  • Alma ®
  • Lutronic
  • Lumenis ®
  • Asclepion
  • Quanta
  • Ellipse

Other major manufacturers are also supported. Please contact us for support and service.

Applicator Refurbishment

The lamp, wavelength filter and cavity reflector in your IPL applicator will degrade over a period of time.
These components are integral to the performance of your IPL system and should be replaced regularly. Failing to do so will result in poor treatment results and potential loss of clients.

Beautology can refurbish your IPL applicator at a fraction of the cost compared to a brand new replacement handpiece from the manufacturer. We only source top quality components.  Optical components including lamps, wavelength, filters and reflectors are all usually replaced.

We offer applicator refurbishment programmes for systems from the following manufacturers and more:

  • Alma ®
  • Cutera  ®
  • Ellipse®
  • EV Laser
  • Pulsar
  • Energist ®
  • Palomar ®
  • Lumenis Quantum ®
  • Active

Supplies & Spares

Beautology offers a range of lenses and optics for various lasers and IPL systems. Lasers/IPL’s will often require consumables. These are not normally covered under warranties or service contracts. Ensuring your exposed optics are clean and damage free will help lower running costs for your laser and IPL system. Beautology offers a range of optics and lenses for various lasers and IPL systems.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our parts and spares are sourced from industry respected leading companies. Our parts are often made in the same factories as the maufacturers (OEM). They will be fully compatible with your system.

We supply spares that are compatible with equipment from the following companies and more.

  • Cynosure ®
  • Candela ®
  • Alma ®
  • Zimmer
  • Ellipse ®
  • Palomar ®
  • Cutera ®